Binaural Beats

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For instance, if a 300Hz tone is played on one ear, while the other ear has 320Hz played in it our brainwaves will start resonating at a difference between both tones 20Hz in our case. At this point, the electrical activity of the brain is then made to induce specific frequency benefits. It should also be noted that not all brain activity would shift, but the dominant state of awareness shifts.

Headphones are needed for binaural beats as different tones are played on each ear. This makes it effective.

At an entrainment gap of over 40Hz, the brain tends to perceive them as distinctly different sound, and entrainment would be impossible.
Binaural beats are thought to be perceived by a region of the brain stem called the “superior olivary nucleus.”
Binaural Beats can treat various conditions and induce desirable mental states such as relaxation, meditation, creativity, sleep, focus, concentration, memory, anxiety, stress relief, relaxation, power naps, studying, meditation, yoga, vivid dreaming, lucid dreaming, positive thinking, motivation, fitness and more

Find a comfortable place, free of distractions, and do not listen while you are driving or working.

From our experience, at start, it’s best to listen binaural beats for 10 minutes a day. After three weeks, once your brain is acommodated with new therapy, you may listen as much you desire. Benefits should be attained after two-three weeks of entrainment, but it’s not the same for everyone. Most people observed changes after few days, others after 1-2 months.

Each Mp3 track has been named with specific frequency benefits