Upgrade your Brain with Brainwave Entrainment Meditation

For most people, getting into a state of deep meditation is a herculean task. Research and years of testing have made this process easier using brainwave entrainment meditation where a willing participant can enter a state of deep meditation in less than 10 minutes using technological products.
Now you can bypass trying to learn what works for your body and mind using our products selected carefully to deliver deep meditation effortlessly. Brainwave entrainment meditation has been proven scientifically to help influence conscious awareness.
Brainwave entrainment meditation makes use of sounds (clicking and pulsations) to create deep states of meditation which is an excellent method for participants who have tried different kinds of meditation. It is advantageous because it does not need any strict mental focus, only the willingness to stay quiet and relax.

Is Brainwave Entrainment Meditation for Me?

Brainwave entrainment meditation is a scientifically proven mind technology utilized by psychologists, neurologists, medical health practitioners and self-help enthusiast. This technology enables them use the power of brainwave entrainment to work on patients, clients and themselves, and this has been a positively accepted method to get into a deep state of meditation and in little time has gained ground all over the world as a means of effective deep state meditation.
So, what is brain entrainment meditation? Brain entrainment meditation is a meditation practice that makes the brainwave frequency of the brain fall into tune with a periodic stimulus which has the same frequency as the intended brain-state; which leads to meditation.

Brain entrainment meditation depends on a ‘frequency following’ response. This is a natural process where the brain tends to change its dominant EEG frequency to mimic the frequency of a dominant stimulus form an external source. These stimuli can come from a monaural beat, binaural beat or an isochronic tone.
For centuries, people made use of different means to enter a deep state of meditation. Some used breathing techniques, chanting, dances, devotional exercises and so on. All these methods provide a form of meditation lowering the brainwave frequency to a state of mind at alpha, theta or delta level.

Another means of reaching a deep state of meditation is the use of brain entrainment in the form of mp3’s or cd’s embedded in it are binaural beats, monaural beats, or isochronic tones that can be listened to via a headphone or speakers. These processes increase the overall calmness of a participant, improves relaxation, gives inner peace, improves mental cognition, provides a higher level of creativity, focus and mental clarity, amongst other benefits associated with brain entrainment meditation.
The brain operates at different levels of activity; the alpha meditative frequency, the beta waking frequency and the sleep, dreaming and deep meditation theta frequency and finally the deep sleep and unconscious delta frequency. Beta frequency is associated with stress; this is one state everyone tries to avoid. However, the brainwave is set to active mode, and it is a normal process.

To get rid of stress associated with leaving in the modern world, the brain has to go into a slower and deeper brain activity state. This is not an easy feat. Meditation is the only way to get rid of stress, and it has to be done with no stress-related issues on your mind. The brainwave entrainment meditative state makes it easy to get to that state and stay there for a long time.

How do you get to a deep meditative state using brainwave entrainment meditation?

To get into a deep meditative state using brain entrainment is via consistent, precise engineered audio frequencies in the form of binaural beats, monaural beats, or isochronic tones to get the brain’s frequencies to match with the external stimulus. The brain perceives two beats of slightly different frequencies; they are inaudible to the ear via the headphones or speakers, and it takes the difference between these two frequencies and matches its own to it. This is what is referred to as frequency following response.
This is not rocket science, just like the beats at the club. Centuries ago hypnotic effects were used in the form of rhythmic drumming and chanting to bring about a trance-like state. Brainwave entrainment meditation makes use of frequencies that are the same frequencies produced in the brain during meditation. Brainwave entrainment meditation makes the brain follow its lead.

Brainwave entrainment meditation does all the work for you. All you have to do is focus on something you want to focus on, relax, listen to your mind and do what is meaningful to you. It also helps let the brain do what is natural to it; synchronize to an external stimulus. There is no need to work your way to getting your brain into the alpha state and failing. All you do is press play and zone out.

Why brain entrainment meditation?
To understand the importance of brain entrainment meditation, scientific proofs which are hard evidence have been able to determine if brain entrainment is as effective as it is claimed. It has however been proven to cure or reduce the effect of the following conditions and more:


Various researchers have conducted research studying if children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can benefit from brain entrainment meditation when set up in a school setting. According to their findings, about 50 kids from different schools were entrained for one month and the results secured demonstrated significant improvement in the children. Teachers and parents also reported improvement in attentiveness, variability, and impulsivity. This simply means with the right brainwave entrainment method this could be a great means of reducing the effects of ADHD.

Anxiety and stress:
While reviewing brain entrainment meditation, there were some studies carried out on short-term and long-term stress relief. The use of brain entrainment meditation worked on participants with heightened short-term stress and anxiety who are undergoing medical treatments, experiencing addiction, just being anxious. The result of the study showed that 75% of participants had noticeable improvement.

Behavior problems:
In two different studies involving children, it was found that brain entrainment meditation was able to improve significantly behavior problems. One of the studies was carried out on children with ADHD, and it was determined that this process significantly improved their attention status, consequently, it had a positive bearing on their overall behavior. Parents and teachers also reported significant improvements in how their students and children behaved.

Cognitive function:
Many studies have tested brain entrainment meditation for its ability to improve and influence cognitive like those linked to verbal and non-verbal skills, attention, memory, general intelligence and also GPA. A study carried out on school children reported an improvement due to alpha and beta stimulation. Ability to learn and keep rapt attention has been improved due to brain entrainment meditation and beta stimulation processes.

Pain relief:
A lot of studies have been carried out to test the effects of brain entrainment meditation on pain relief and pain tolerance. In a study where four individuals where sampled, and after undergoing brain entrainment meditation 23 participants experienced significant relief. At the moment, brain entrainment meditation is being studied for muscle pain treatment and have found some level of success already.

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